Dip Powder Nails

Last Thursday, my husband had a site visit for work in San Luis Obispo, so I tagged along.    When we got to the site, there was a little nail salon in the same complex.  I’ve rarely been getting my nails done lately since we’ve been on a budget, and the last time I got them done before this was almost six months ago.  But, since I had nothing to do but wait while my husband estimated an hour for his site visit, he told me to go get my nails done.

I decided on french tip gels because I can paint my nails a solid color at home — like I normally do.  However, the manager and a regular customer quickly talked me into trying the new dip powder nails… I had never heard of it before!

What is dip powder?  Well, I don’t really know… but it seems like powder similar to the powder they use on your nails when you do acrylic tips.  Per the workers at the salon, dip powder lasts longer than gels, rarely chips, and is supposed to be healthier/better for your nails.  But, I noticed they still use some type of bonding material on your nails so I’m not sure what my nails will be like when they’re removed.


How are dip powder nails done?  So, instead of painting your nails, they literally dip your fingers into a container of powder.  But, they first “paint” some bonding material on, and at the end, they “paint” over top coat.  For french tips, they first carefully dipped my finger in the white just enough to cover the tip, then they fully dip my finger in the pink for the rest of the nail.  The good part is, no polish gets on your hand, and the powder that touches your skin can just be dusted off.  They still did two coats of this.  Another great thing is that I didn’t need to put my hand inside an LED/UV light–it dries quickly and almost instantly itself.  For french tips, I think it’s also quicker than the painting and “erasing” method nail salons use.

Overall, I think they came out great, and if they end up lasting, I’d definitely do it again.  The one downfall (which doesn’t bother me at all) is that if you look super closely, the “pink” part does look a little powdery.  But, it’s pretty subtle and you can’t tell just glancing.  Here’s a closer picture.


The second downfall was that this cost more than gels.  Prices vary at every salon, but when I got these done, he said gels were $35 and the dip powder was $45.  I’m wondering if the price will go down once they’ve been around for longer.

I’m pretty sure dip powder nails can be done in other colors as well–I’ll have to go back and try it again some time.  Hopefully I can find a local salon that does them! I got these done at Marigold Nails, if you’re near SLO.  What I liked about them was that everyone else seemed to be a regular there–the manager knew everyone who came in… which usually means they’re pretty good because they have so many repeat clients.

Its been 5 days since I’ve gotten these done and so far, they still look great!  These pictures are from the day after I got them done, though.  I’ll do an updated post on how long they end up lasting and what condition my nails are in after they’re removed… but for now, I don’t even know how I’d take them off.

Has anyone else tried them, and am I stupid for not knowing about them yet?!



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