Outfit Post

My FAVORITE work out shoes, and the ones I probably wear most of the time are my black Nike Free RNs.  They’re last year’s style so they aren’t as widely available now but Finish Line has many different colors on sale.  The Nike Factory outlet actually had the exact color and style pictured at almost 50% markdown recently and may have some left!

The gold shimmer metallic leggings/tights above are also Nike and I got them about a year ago.  This season, instead of gold, Nike came out with silver and rose gold metallic shimmer.  Out of all of them, I think I actually like the silver leggings the best!

The silver metallic leggings are on sale and available in multiple sizes at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Here are the rose gold shimmer leggings.  Lord & Taylor has all sizes available still.


Here is my current favorite pullover:


This Lululemon turtleneck pullover is actually labeled as a tunic.  It can be pulled down to sit a little longer if desired.  Although I’m not usually a turtleneck person, I thought this one was super cute for errands and pairs well with those cute printed and colorful leggings that don’t match with much.  I wore this out late night in Vegas after we were pretty much done for the night but just wanted to walk around being comfy.  Although the turtleneck is super cozy, the downsides of this is that it doesn’t have thumbholes like most other Lululemon tops, and that the turtleneck hole is a little small, making it hard to pull over your head.  But, it’s on a slight markdown right now in Lululemon’s We Made Too Much section!

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