Work Out Without Leaving the House: Peloton & BBG

My current workout plan consists of three BBG resistance training circuit exercises (more details below) and about three Peloton bike rides per week (referral code: QDZXYZ).  The best part: I never leave the house to work out anymore!

After seeing a lot of posts on Instagram about BBG (Bikini Body Guide), I decided to give it a shot as well.  I did the 4 beginner weeks and am now on week 5 of BBG 1.0.  There are tons of blog posts about BBG, but to sum it up, there are three resistance workouts a week.  Each work out is circuit-style and is only 28 minutes.  How hard can a 28 minute workout be?  Very!

Before BBG, I was taking spin classes and occasional barre classes.  The year before I actually worked out in the gym to prep for my wedding.  But, by the time I started BBG, I’m sure most of my previous strength training was gone.  Still, I wouldn’t consider myself someone who went from not working out at all to starting BBG.  So, if you currently almost never exercise or work out, beware, it might seem even harder!  The plus is that theres an affordable app (Sweat) at $55 for three months.  Minimal equipment is needed (jump rope, bench, dumbbells, yoga mat mainly) so these workouts can be done at home.

In addition to BBG, my husband and I recently purchased the Peloton bike.  It’s basically a boutique cycle studio in your own home.  We saw the bike almost a couple years ago when we were down in Newport Beach, and we were already hooked on spin classes.  But, at the time we lived near a great cycle studio– Soul Cycle like classes but with a monthly membership.  In fact, for $185/month, I was getting unlimited Barre AND spin classes.  If anyone else loves spin classes, you’ll know that that’s a pretty good deal, especially in the Bay Area.

However, in October, my husband and I moved slightly out of the Bay Area to a small town with no spin classes.  I’m not one to drive more than 15 minutes to work out, so we took the plunge and bought the Peloton.  The bike is $1995 and with three years of membership subscription at $39/month and the maintenance plan, it came out to almost $4000.  But, on the bright side, there is just ONE subscription fee and as many riders can ride the same bike.  So overall, this ends up being cheaper than going to a studio.  What’s great about the bike is that you can choose the length of class you want to take and take it at any time of the day!  So, I try to take at least three rides per week that range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.  Don’t be fooled–even the 20 minute rides leave you dripping in sweat and breathless.

If you’re thinking about buying a Peloton–do it! You won’t be disappointed.  Use my referral code QDZXYZ for $100 off bike accessories (shoes, bike mat, weights, earbuds, etc).

I’ll do more detailed reviews of both BBG and Peloton down the road in separate posts, but here’s just a little snippet of them!

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